How Breweries Can Market with a Laser Engraver

Sell branded products, create giveaways, and save outsourcing costs with a laser machine.

Stainless steel growlers marked with a co2 laser

With an in-house laser engraver, breweries have potential for new marketing strategies to build their brand and increase exposure.

From stickers to coasters to pint glasses and beyond, breweries sell and give away a lot of swag. Bringing a laser in-house allows these booming businesses to brand so many things – both within the brewery itself as well as promotional items.

laser engraved beer glasses

Laser engraving and cutting machines are valuable tools that can aid in your marketing efforts immensely. Think about all the things you put your logo on. How much more time- and cost-effective would it be to mark your own equipment and tools and brand your own promotional items instead of outsourcing the job?

laser engraved cork coasters
close-up of laser engraved beer tap handles

What can a brewery cut and engrave with a laser?

The possibilities are nearly endless:

  • Apparel – leather hat patches, custom t-shirts, branded canvas bags for to-go orders
  • Beer tap handles – highlight a limited release brew and identify your best sellers
  • Coasters – wood, leather, even cardstock coasters can be customized with a laser
  • Glasses – engrave pint glasses, pilsner glasses, snifters and more
  • Growlers – glass or metal, your laser can do both
  • Flight boards – brand your boards with a logo or engrave the names of your most popular tasters
  • Packaging – create custom packaging to house cans, bottles or growlers
  • Signage – from promotional signage to directional/informational signage, a laser can create all kinds of signs from a variety of materials

…and much more!

laser engraved slate coasters
laser cut and engraved leather hat patches
laser engraved beer tap handle and barrel

Branded items build recognition for your business. Being able to add your logo to equipment and products in an inexpensive fashion is a great way for you to maximize your exposure. The laser also provides flexibility in creating messages for limited-release brews and special events.

Add a fun personalization experience to brewery tours

Brewery tours are big sellers. Why not add to a patron’s experience by ending the tour with a customized glass to commemorate the visit? If you have a stock of glasses already engraved with your logo, it will take just minutes to pop the glass in the laser and add a name and date.

laser engraved shot glasses

Or you can upsell the customization experience by personalizing growlers. Whether they are customer-supplied or sold by you, this is a great value-add to your current offerings. By promoting your customization services, you really set yourself apart from the competition and offer guests a truly unique and personalized experience.

laser engraved slate coasters

Is lasering hard to learn?

Not at all! The lasers themselves are incredibly user-friendly. We even have an online training suite that walks you through every step of setting up your system – from unboxing the laser to creating your first simple projects. Once you familiarize yourself with your choice of graphic design software you can create and save your most popular design templates and run them whenever you need to. Plus, our Software Suite and Job Manager make it super easy for you to save and organize your most common projects so that even employees who aren’t that familiar with the system can pull up a job, send it to the laser and press GO!

laser etching shot glasses

Put the laser front and center!

Want to really wow your customers? Put the laser front and center in your gift area and let them watch as you add a customized message to their glass, bottle, or bag in just minutes. They not only walk away with a truly personalized memento, but they were able to see the laser make it right in front of their eyes. Encourage them to post the keepsake on social media and widen your promotional efforts even more!

laser engraved beer tap handles

What’s next?

Ready to see how Epilog can take your brewery to the next level? We have systems starting as low as $7,995, so you can begin increasing profits and maximizing your marketing efforts in no time. Contact us today for a full brochure packet and to set up a live demonstration. The best way to see if a laser is the right tool for you is to see it in action. Fill out the form above or give us a shout at the number below to learn more!

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stack of laser engraved cork coasters
laser marked stainless steel ice cubes

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