Low Boy Custom Beaters

Denver-based company uses an Epilog to customize and brand award-winning bass drum beaters.

After struggling to get the results they wanted with a “DIY laser”, Chris Gregori and Jeremy Brieske, founders of Low Boy Custom Beaters, now utilize an Epilog Mini 18 to brand and customize their award-winning bass drum beaters.

Jeremy Brieske and Chris Gregori standing outside the Low Boy Custom Beaters workshop.

Nearly five years ago the duo set out to build a product that not only sounded better than what was currently available, but one that looked cool and was customizable too. Fast forward to 2017, and Low Boy took home the Drummies! Gear Award for Best Beater of the Year from DRUM! Magazine. Upgrading to an Epilog has helped Chris and Jeremy solidify their brand and continue to grow their company with personalized beaters and professional, unique merchandise.

Collection of engraved beaters made by Low Boy Custom Beaters
Canvas sign in Low Boy Custom Beaters workshop.

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Phone: +1 303-277-1188

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