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Laser Engraving Awards & Trophies Laser engravers for plaques, trophies, nameplates, awards, medals, and more!

Lasers for the Awards Industry

Though our lasers are capable of tackling many applications, Epilog actually got its start in the awards industry back in 1988. Since then, our customers in this space have gone from engraving simple name plates on trophies to creating unique, customized awards for all types of occasions. One of our customers even makes the coveted Grammy Award – the highest achievement in music!

From corporate awards to employee recognition pieces to student trophies and far beyond, Epilog Laser machines are so versatile and user-friendly, you can create nearly any kind of award you need – quickly and easily.

Laser Cut Acrylic Trophy

What Can You Create?

Whether you’re personalizing a pre-made trophy, cutting custom acrylic awards, adding name plates to a perpetual plaque, or using a variety of materials to create a custom one-off award, Epilog machines allow you to produce stunning recognition products.

Imagine the Possibilities

Epilog Laser machines are compatible with so many materials, laser engraving awards and recognition products is just the beginning! Personalized products are huge sellers, so you can branch out beyond the awards industry to offer a variety of products: customized cutting boards, laser-cut greeting cards and invitations, even laser engraved photographs – the only limit is your imagination!

Corporate Recognition

Whether you’re recognizing the achievement of top sales performers or employees who continually go the extra mile when it comes to customer service, corporate awards let employees know they are valued. Valued employees are productive employees who contribute to the overall success of the company.

Academic Achievements

From elementary to higher education, academic achievements are worth recognizing. Whether you’re engraving a recent graduate's diploma on a wooden plaque or customizing trophies for a victorious debate team, Epilog’s machines make it easy to create awards celebrating academic achievement.

Athletic Awards

From pee-wee football to collegiate sports, Epilog systems have long been used to produce athletic achievement recognition products. And it doesn’t just stop with awards – other great sellers in this space include engraved medals, participation products such as water bottles or ribbons, and more! So whether you’re recognizing an MVP or an entire team, Epilog has you covered.


From woodworking to sign creation, Epilog Laser machines can be found in a variety of industries around the world. Because our systems are so versatile and user friendly, our customers often find themselves branching out from their original applications to offer more to customers. With a Sample Club library full of inspiration (and free design files!) there’s no virtually no limit to the types of things you can create with a laser!

Simple to Use

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Since our laser machines work pretty much like a standard printer, they keep your workflow simple.

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Create a new page in your graphic software. Import or create your own custom design.

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Send your design to the laser. In the print driver you’ll select the laser parameters you want to use, or select a preset material setting from Epilog’s extensive database.

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Select your file at the laser, put your engraving material in the machine, shut the door, and press GO. The laser will do the rest!

Machine Recommendations

Whether you're a small business or a large production facility, we have the laser system to meet your needs. For laser engraving awards and trophies, consider these machines, or take a look at our full product line.

What else can a laser do?

Lasers are versatile machines that work with many materials and can be used to add a unique touch to nearly any project. Take a look at some other popular laser applications.

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