Metal Marking with a CO2 Laser

CO2 laser machines can directly mark a variety of coated metals such as anodized aluminum or powder coated stainless steel. However, bare metals reflect the wavelength of a CO2 laser, meaning direct marking typically requires a fiber laser source. Fortunately for CO2 laser owners, there's another great option. Bare metals like titanium or nickel plating can be pre-treated with a metal marking compound prior to engraving with a CO2 laser.

Engraving a stainless steel growler coated with CerMark

What Can You Create?

Using a metal marking spray like CerMark, Enduramark, or LaserBond allows laser owners to perform all kinds of exciting (and profitable) applications such as customizing jewelry and pendants, personalizing stainless steel tumblers, or even serializing metal parts/components.

Imagine the Possibilities

The ability to mark metals with a CO2 laser opens the doors to many new projects. From custom water bottles and personalized phones to identification tags and barcodes, metal items are everywhere. Adding an Epilog Laser machine to your toolset lets you take advantage of these opportunities to work on exciting and lucrative endeavors.

Quality Marks with CO2

You don't need a fiber laser to achieve great quality marks on metal. Pretreating the metal with a special marking agent will allow you to easily mark bare metals with your CO2 laser.

Non-Destructive Marking

Since you're creating a surface mark, rather than etching into the metal itself, you're not compromising its structure or impacting the integrity of the material.

Industrial and Creative Applications

Whether you're applying barcodes to an endless stream of parts or customizing a single flask, metal marking spray and a laser will help you get the job done.


Our monthly Sample Club has featured several CO2 metal marking projects. Check them out via the links below and get free design files you can use with your own laser! Be sure to explore our entire Sample Club catalog, with over 150 insipiring projects to ignite your imagination.

Easy to Use

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Since our laser machines work pretty much like a standard printer, they keep your workflow simple.

laser machine icon


Create a new page in your graphic software. Import or create your own custom design.

laser machine icon


Send your design to the laser. In the print driver you’ll select the laser parameters you want to use, or select a preset material setting from Epilog’s extensive database.

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Select your file at the laser, put your engraving material in the machine, shut the door, and press GO. The laser will do the rest!

Machine Recommendations

Whether you're working on individual items or need to manage heavy workloads, an Epilog Laser machine will meet your needs. For reliably and efficiently marking metals, consider these machines, or take a look at our full product line.

What else can a laser do?

Laser machines open up a world of possibilities, enabling you to work with numerous materials for a variety of projects. Explore some other exciting laser applications.

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